Friday, October 21, 2016

Adam Senn in a Thong

'The' reason to watch Hit the Floor, the perfectly gorgeous Adam Senn. Who has never been shy about taking it off on tv, or catwalk or... where have you. His first butt revealing Gucci ads when he was young were a rage back in the day. He's still got it. pure sex appeal and... hotnesssss

Male Model in Speedos and Briefs

Gorgeous Bernardo Fialho in briefs and speedos by the pool. cute. hot.

Actor, model, hunk in Briefs and Speedos on the Catwalk: Rib Hillis

Ran into Rib Hillis the other day. damn he's still fiiiiine. a reminder of his DILF hotness.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Kerry Degman casting pics in White Briefs

Casting pics for male models begin and end like this. What do you look like in your skivvies?! After a brief hiatus (no pun intended) this gorgeous male specimen in back on the scene. Gorgeous mal emodel Kerry Degman in white briefs. bulge and all. hot.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sexy at any age: Rib Hillis and his hot hot abs

Rib Hillis has been a fav or ours for ages. since he appeared on Baywatch, back in the day. He's just done this shoot for a site we stalk - - ain't he gorgeous still?! with that hint of pubes, such a hot series of pics. we love it. 

Jeff Kasser in white briefs

another gorgeous male model, Jeff Kasser. hot

Carl Graham in Underwear Speedos and Less

On a random nostalgic google, we found more pics of British male model based in Asia Carl Graham in briefs, boxers, and little other nothings. We heart him. he's so cute. so hot. and that accent. just so many yaaaassss 's ! hot. hot. hottt. Carl! pls send us more pics! Carl Graham and other male models, celebrities in speedos only here!