Thursday, October 19, 2017

TV Actors in Black Speedos


TV hunks in black speedos. joy. joyful. joy

Actor in speedos

omg how cute is this fella? and so hot.

Darren Criss takes those speedos off

OMG who knew Darren Criss had such a rockin' body? so cute. so fit. wowsa. Hot actors take it off. yasss

Actor Andrew Stevens in Speedos

Gorgeous celebrities in speedos is so rare now, we have to go back in time to the glorious early 80s when tv actors in speedos was shown often on tv. eg this beautiful man, Andrew Stevens, who ran around in our dreams in these very green speedos. So hot. so cute. so fit. those abs. the biceps.

Hot. hot hot.

Hunky then, Hunky now

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Male Model Tyler Lough shirtless video clips

So Tyler Lough is our all-time fav model so anything we find on him online, we DIE for.

Finally a new pic of him in bulging briefs! That body is crayyyyy.

Plus ol' clips and new

So now you know how he got this KICK ASS BODY!

And this new one from his agency


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Marky Mark holding his crotch on the catwalk

Mark Wahlberg may be the highest paid actor int he world right now but its still Marky Mark parading down the catwalk of our dreams, droppin' trou and grabbing his crotch. those dreamy sexy 90s.